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Reconstruction of bridges

Project Description:

<p>LTD JAVA has built the Tbilisi Open Landfill in village Norio in 2011. Its total cost was 11,285,000 GEL. The landfill covers 83 hectares and consists of two main parts: office and open area for waste. The area for waste conservation is divided into several cells, the bottom of which are covered with special layers, including the so-called GeoMembrane (HDPE).</p>The landfill leachate is further collected and they flow into the special ponds for the sedimentation of the access waste. Finally the leachate is treated with the Reverse Osmosis System and we even get potable final water. LTD JAVA also arranged the Gas Extraction system from the landfill waste. The further utilization of the extracted gas is one of the main advantages of this landfill, that was built with the latest European Standards.

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